Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Policy

Infinite Tours is committed to sustainable and responsible tourism and having a positive impact on the environment and communities it serves. Our aim is to develop and deliver authentic experiences that would benefit all the stakeholders involved including our guests, the local population and the local businesses and guides, while minimising the environmental impact in the destinations we operate.

Our staff, tour leaders, and suppliers are educated on the importance of sustainable and responsible tourism and are expected to operate within the policy guidelines. The guidelines are outlined as follows;

1 Support and promote local businesses :
these include stays at locally-manage and operated accommodations and guesthouses, eat in local restaurants and homes, buy local souvenirs made in the smaller towns, and undertake activities organized by local entrepreneurs.
2 Respect the local customs and educate travellers on the expected norms :
This includes;

  • Dressing conservatively is most appropriate. Clothing that covers knees and shoulders are recommended for men and women.
  • Keep noise to a minimum to respect Oman’s calm and tranquillity.
  • Ask for permission before taking photos of people or entering private premises as it may be considered intrusive and inappropriate.
  • Picking fruits and vegetables in local farms are considered inappropriate as it is a source of income for villagers.
  • Do not contaminate any water source as villagers depend on traditional water systems for drinking and agriculture.
  • When driving by the villages, need to watch out for children and animals and drive slowly to avoid raising too much dust. The vehicles should be parked in the designated areas to ensure villagers are not inconvenienced.

3 Avoid plastics as much as possible :
encourage travellers to bring their own refillable bottles and avoid as much as possible single-use plastic bottles. In case plastic bottles are used, they must be recycled and correctly disposed of.
4 Help keep Oman litter
free. Make sure litter goes in its designated locations and support in clean-ups, especially of rural areas as much as possible.
5 Practices that threaten wildlife and biodiversity are strictly prohibited.
6 Arrange tours which are more off the beaten track and avoid overcrowding in tourism hotspots.
7 Regularly donate money to local charities that support the vulnerable residents.
8 Continuously monitor and improve the sustainable and responsible tourism policies to increase the positive impact on the environment and local population.